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Dangerous lands and a dangerous people…the following section is devoted to the background and history of the two waring nations, and to provide a backdrop for the adventures to come.

The coming war between Damara and Vassa begins slowly, brewing under the surface with only small skirmishes and shadow-fights giving lie to the apparent peace. As adventurers in this tense time, there is some background information you should be aware of.

The following sections provide information readily available to the public at the onset of hostilities, from regional politics, dramatis persona, and sundry bar-side rumors.


Damara is a nation only a hand full of generations out of a tribal society. The current king, Virdin Bloodfeather, is literally dragging the nation into a more advanced culture by importing skilled labor, academics, and engineers throughout the kingdom.

The nation has 4 major cities: -The capitol is Heliogabulus: it is a multi-tiered city, built upon a series of plateaus that look like stepping stones in the middle of a large flat semi-arid grassland situated centrally in Damara. - Sleatgaat, also called Irongate, is nestled in the Iron Hills at the base of the great western mountain range. It is also the seat of Kraal Bloodfeather, Warden of the Westmarch and youngest son of King Virdin. - Dammaurern, or Dawnwall, is the eastern jewel of Damara, having recently been renovated by the very progressive elder royal son Kyrin Bloodfeather, Warden of the Eastmarch. The city is named after its great eastern wall, comprised of a white alabaster-like stone imported from the south, and reflects the light of the sun at dawn like a huge golden mirror. -Trailsend, situated at the Damaran end of both the great Daleland trade route and the eastern Silkroad, is the trade hub for Damara, and was initially established by a smaller nobility line related to the Bloodfeathers. The city favors its trade roots, reflecting little of the Damaran tribal history, and is currently governed by Baron Donlevy the Young, a distant nephew of the King.

Damara is not naturally a culturally diverse region: most native are either humans, from the tundra plains and what few sparse arable land, and dwarves, often from the northern or western ore and gem-rich Galena mountains. Since King Virdin’s diversification efforts, many elves, halflings and gnomes have flocked to the region as craftsmen, intellectuals, and adventurers…but they still comprise a minority of the region’s population.


To the northwest, through the small Bloodstone Pass piercing the Galena mountains, lies the region of Vassa. Mostly ungoverned, there are isolated townships of humans, half-orcs and dwarves, but the only real city of any size is the town of Darmshall, just beyond the pass to the south. Darmshall was founded by a large adventuring band, the Blood Crows, who retired and used their wealth and good favor with previous Damaran kings to found a large walled township. The Bloodcrows are well liked by most Damarans, due to their extensive efforts to pacify the dangerous giant-kin of the Galena mountains.

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