War of the Witch King

Chapter 2: Lizardman Bayou of Butcher Swamp
Balance the scales, and bring justice to the bandit lizardman

The party, having traveled at the behest of Krael towards the Halfling Downs, discovered that the medicinal herb shipment was waylaid by scalykind bandits. Following their trail through the marsh and swamp, they find themselves at the edge of a small village, raised up on trusses above the swampy stew in the middle of Butcher Swamp. Standing in on of the ramshackle guard towers is a sleepy-eyed Lizardman. The adventurers, having witnessed evidence of ambush, murder and banditry, decided to take the law into their newly authorized hands; it is time to balance the scales and deliver swift justice!

The adventures, spotting a lone hunter standing watch on a guard tower, open up with a volley of death. The unsuspecting hunter is knocked from his tower, and spends the remaining conflict skirting the battle’s edges due to severe injuries. In response to the warning cries of the hunter, the Lizardfolk warriors rally to defend their village. Two warriors, with solid oaken shields, rush to the fore while the simple hunters do their best to contribute with javelins from afar. The tribal chieftain also enters the fray, bellowing in rage and swinging his trident to and fro with great ferocity. The village shaman hangs in the back, aiding his fellow villagers with spells and divine hypnotism, but with no great success.

The remaining lizardfolk, with their chieftain and shamans slain, flee the fight for the safety of the bayou. The adventurers discover that the lizardfolk of the village were plagued by a disease, and their theft of the halfling’s medicinal delivery was a desperate attempt to find a cure. Showing mercy, the group finishes the herbal concoction began by the shaman, treating as many sick Lizardfolk as possible, but to ensure the villagers never stoop to such violent and murderous ways in the future, the hut of the evil shaman was burned to the ground. Warning messages were scribed in the ash, in attempts to prevent evil from finding a foothold here again. Packing up the remains of the herbal shipment, and leaving brief instructions for the remaining lizardfolk on how to prepare the antidote, the adventurers continue towards the Halfling Downs to update them on recent events, both those in the swamp, and the disturbing news from beyond the mountains to the northwest.

Session Experience:

Enemies: 650
Roleplaying: 75
Creative Problem Solving (Herbal Salves, Burning Hut as an Example): 75

Total: 2400 XP (800 Per person)

Session Treasure:

Lizardfolk Bayou Encounter:
1) Curve blade, elven 80 gp [117.5%, High Quality] : 94gp ]
2) Potion of Cure light wounds {1st/1st} : 50gp [

3) Potion of Fox’s cunning {2nd/3rd} : 300gp ]
4) Potion of Pass without trace {1st/1st} : 50gp [

5) gp value in replacement of impossible result : 106gp ]
6) Masterwork Quarterstaff : 600gp [

Gems and Jewels Breakdown
Necklace 157gp, Red-brown spinel 55gp, Golden pearl 79gp, Blue quartz 1gp, Lapis lazuli 2gp, Azurite 5gp, Agate 1gp

Treasure Value
+ Gems & Jewels(300gp)
+ Coins(206gp)
= 1600gp

Chapter 1: New Recruits
Valiant warriors needed in Damara!

It’s a busy time! Levies raised across the land, mercenaries gather in Trailsend, and Princes flee from Royal Marriages.

Damaran scouts have gone missing beyond the Galena mountains, and caravans from Darmshall returning through the Bloodstone Pass have reported roving bands of orcs, giants, and, if the reports are to be believed, shambling undead as well. King Virdin Bloodfeather, reading this report, immediately called for levies from the Damaran population. However, knowing this would not be enough, he sent couriers and heralds to nearby nations, calling for the aide of his neighbors and any mercenaries interested.

With the call out to all adventurers who can swing a sword or fling a spell, Prince Krael, Warden of the West March and youngest son of the King, has traveled to Trailsend with his Hand to evaluate the mercenaries seeking the King’s gold.

Our adventurers find themselves before a long line of applicants, waiting in line to submit their proof of proficiency to a couple of exhausted scribes. The scribe takes their testing chip and their name, adding both to the roles of enlisted mercenaries. The adventurers spread throughout the camp, testing themselves against members of the Warden’s Hand performing the examinations.

The adventurers, having past their examinations and been welcomed into various government organizations (Sword and Shield, Sheaf and Quill, Cloak and Cowl, etc) they set down to celebrate at the garrison’s tavern near the edge of Trailsend. During the evening, the group observed the Prince’s Hand celebrating alongside them, and Prince Krael himself also made an appearance. Towards the end of the evening, and the beginning of dawn, a royal messenger stumbled into the tavern and was promptly intercepted by Laurelios, one of Krael’s Hand. The tired and disoriented messenger was escorted to a nice corner seat, and plyed with wine till he passed out, after which the Prince and entourage beat a hasty retreat to the caravan along with the 30 or so most proficient of applicants.

“We have received information regarding a potential border conflict near Zarach between the Duchies of Carmathan and Ostel, on the other side of the river. We will be heading there to deal with the dispute, as well as approach the nearby villages and towns for additional recruits who may wish to join the cause. This will be a part of your examination; we will use your performance to select from amongst you promising candidates for potential officer training within the newly enlisted ranks.”

With tired bodies and the beginnings of many a hang-over, the adventurers set out with the Prince’s entourage, heading south towards Zarach and their future with the Damaran military.

Session Experience:

Roleplaying: 100XP
Skill and Combat Orientation: 100XP

Total Experience: 600XP (200XP per Person)

Session Treasure


Enlistment Payment: 10G
Badge of Office (Various types, as appropriate to the individual): Not resellable


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