In the cold northern reaches of Faerun lies the nation of Damara, a country populated by rugged nordic tribesmen with strong family ties and close communities. The Damarans are slowly pulling themselves into a newer, more civilized era, through the efforts of their King, Virdin Bloodfeather, and his two sons Krael and Kyris.

Periodically threatening their nation from the north lies the disorganized and uncivilized land of Vassa…not so much a country as an untamed and dangerous wilderness where giants, goblins, orcs and all sorts of vicious beasts roam free. Goblinoid raiding parties and small scale giant attacks are not too uncommon, and to fortify their northern border King Virdin has begun construction of the Greywall in attempts to barricade Bloodstone Pass, the only major pass through the mountain range that separates the two countries.

The Damara military, all volunteers, have traditionally handled these common threats easily and without mercy, but recently scouting and patrol parties beyond the pass have begun disappearing. In attempts to track down the cause of these events, a larger and more organized force was sent beyond the wall…only to trickle back in three days later, scattered, injured, and much reduced in number. Their report described a fell force of giants, northern berzerkers, elementals of wind and ice and, even more terrifying…a veritable army of undead, both humanoid and monstrous!

King Virdin, reading this report, immediately called for levies from the Damaran population. However, knowing this would not be enough, he sent couriers and heralds to nearby nations, calling for the aide of his neighbors and any mercenaries interested.

*****The Characters, Campaign, and Potential Players*****

The characters in this campaign are either natives of Damara or mercenaries. They have decided to join up with the Damaran military for their own reasons. The campaign focuses on the struggle between Damara and a new dark force that has risen in Vassa, and spans many in-game years.

The campaign focuses on story, and storyline progression. The players are part of the story, and can mold the flow of the campaign and even the war. However, there IS an over-all storyline outside the characters events, and so potential players must keep this in mind and are asked to avoid unnecessary disruptive actions (royal assassination attempts, storyline abandonment, etc).

This campaign is a completely home-brewed campaign based in the Faerun setting. Campaign setting knowledge is not required, and due to some timeline oddities, players with little or no setting knowledge might find the storyline more exciting.

War of the Witch King

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